Combining AHA Instructor Classes

Feel free to perform multiple AHA Instructor classes, such as our online PALS Instructor course combined with our online BLS Instructor course. We will perform monitoring/skills testing for both your AHA Instructor courses simultaneously.

ACLS Instructor Course

Our AHA ACLS Instructor course prepares you to teach ACLS at the highest national standard. ACLS Instructor class participants will be versed in AHA regulations and documentation standards, as well as teaching strategy and execution.

Become an American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Instructor today with Miami Heart Training's ACLS Instructor Course.

ACLS Instructor Course Info (2021 Online Hybrid Instructor Course Update):

2020 was a challenging year for all. Miami Heart Training is proud to have adopted a new hybrid online ACLS Instructor course to adapt to this challening time. Note that the requirements for our Instructor programs have changed. It is critical that you read all the information below before purchasing the Instructor course.

Also note the following:

1) This Instructor course is non-refundable. If you fail to complete all of the steps to becoming an Instructor, you are not eligible for a refund on the price of this course.

2) Skills are required. If you are in the Miami area, you may be required to come to our office and perform monitoring/skills testing. Instructor candidates outside the greater Miami area may be given a remote option for monitoring/skills testing (fees may apply).


1) Obtain Provider certification in discipline

2) Complete Instructor Essentials (will be emailed to candidate after purchase)

3) Complete MHT Online Instructor Course (will be emailed to candidate after purchase)

  • The first steps of the Online Instructor Course entail uploading relevant documents, and the Instructor will not be able to move on until the documents are uploaded.

  • Every candidate is required to take a Provider exam in the MHT Online Instructor Course, regardless of where they performed their Provider course

  • The Online Instructor Course finishes with the Instructor Essentials exam and final instructions

4) Perform Monitoring

  • Monitoring focuses on skills and equipment

  • Instructor candidates outside the Miami area may be given a remote option for monitoring/skills testing (fees may apply).

5) Fill out paperwork online

  • Any Instructor candidate who has finished all online coursework by the start of an alignment window will be emailed their paperwork and Instructor contract on day one of an alignment window, which should be completed by day three of their alignment window

6) Alignment

  • On day four of the alignment window, Instructor Candidates who have finished their contract and online paperwork will be provided additional instructions to request alignment through the AHA Instructor Network, and will be approved for alignment if all requirements are met. Instructor candidates must request alignment by the end of their alignment window. Otherwise, they must wait for the next alignment window.

7) Pay initial affiliation fee (due annually after initial payment)

  • The affiliation fee depends on the Instructor's choice of status

  • Instructors who wish to post classes for the public on AHA's Course Finder pay an initial $220 affiliation fee, due annually thereafter

  • Instructors who do not wish to post classes for the public on AHA's Course Finder pay an initial $70 affiliation fee, due annually thereafter. These instructors typically teach unadvertised classes for organizations or post their classes online without posting them in the Course Finder.

8) Provide proof of equipment

  • Instructors will not be approved to teach unless they either own or have access to the required minimum equipment for courses held in their discipline
  • Instructors must email in selfie pictures or a selfie video showing they possess or have access to the required equipment

9) Instructor certification card issued

  • Instructors are provided their certification card and authorized to begin teaching. Instructors may purchase certification cards for students

  • ACLS/PALS certification eCards cost $15 per card, while BLS eCards are $8 per eCard.

  • Instructors may not transfer to a different training center for the first 18 months of teaching as per the Instructor Contract